Instagram is quick, easy, and most of all, visually appealing. All you have to do is snap a photo on your iPhone and add a filter to get sharp, vibrant, eye-catching pictures. Great, right? But before Instagram, how did people get the same sharp, fun results with their photos? The plastic Holga camera. While it might be hard at first, trading in your iPhone for a film camera like the Holga to get your artsy photography fix can really pay off. While Instagram photos are immediate and simple, the app also allows you to take as many digital photos as you wish and edit as you go, taking most of the mystery and magic out of the photography process.

Holga cameras unexpectedly take stunning photos. They give you the oportunity to travel back to a time when photos were something you looked forward to developing, an added excitement. Order a Holga camera for $30-40 and 120 size film on Amazon and develop the photos easily through (they will even send you a pre-addressed, postage stampd envelope to drop your film in and mail back). To purchase cameras and film as well as drop off film in person, you can look up a Lomography store near you on For Holga camera classes in New York City, you can visit Judah S. Harris's site He teaches a walking photography class called 'The Magical Holga Workshop' in Central Park, and offers many other workshops on various photography styles in the city.