Walking down the streets of New York City, what do you see? Thousands of people, glued to their screens, wearing “Do Not Disturb” signs in the form of headphones. The only time anyone seems to look up is when they've bumped into a fellow pedestrian. The Upper West Side, of New York City, is no exception to the “look down” phenomenon.

The UWS is said to be the home of the creative population of New York City. The majority of the people you pass on the street live in the area. These natives are the worst offenders of “looking down.” They are completely focused on either getting to their destination or arriving home in record time. However, your own backyard is the best place to explore. Instead of gluing your face to a phone while walking home, why not look up? You will see some the most incredible architecture that New York City has to offer.

Many of the buildings found on the Upper West Side, such as the Dakota, have wonderful stories to tell. The Dakota was once home to John Lennon and designed by the same firm as the Plaza Hotel. This is a destination that is visited by hundreds every day, but do those who live around the corner ever look up and appreciate its beauty?

The Dakota is not the only interesting building around the area. On 72nd Street alone there are many hidden gems, begging to be seen. That act of looking down is something that we are all guilty of. Next time you find yourself on the Upper West Side, put away anything and everything with a screen. Then just look up. You may have walked this path hundreds of times, but we promise if you just get a little lost in the environment, you're bound to see something new.

--Copy: Ricki Steiner

--Video Rose Gunson